Wellbeing Gift Set
Wellbeing Gift Set
Wellbeing Gift Set
Wellbeing Gift Set
Wellbeing Gift Set
Wellbeing Gift Set
Wellbeing Gift Set
Wellbeing Gift Set

Wellbeing Gift Set

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Discover the perfect gift of wellbeing 

Fantastic for new mums, Christmas gifts, Friendship gifts, Corporate gifts or simply a gift for you! Self care and wellbeing 

A full size Candle 100%soy wax, made with cold pressed essential oils and botanicals. 

A full size Therapeutic Room Spray 100ml 

A mini Candle

A matching gift bag

This set normally retails for £44.99

Choose your fragrance!

#7 CALM Lavender & Chamomile
#8 BALANCE Rose, Oud & Ceaderwood
#5 FOCUS Lemon & Eucalyptus
#4 CLARITY Bergamot & Mimosa

How our wellbeing range benefits you

Our range HJA has been developed to help with you wellbeing. All our fragrances are handmade with 100% cold pressed essential oils, our range of therapeutic candles fill your room with effective and beautiful scents. Our candles create tranquil spaces to unwind and escape daily stress. Aromatic essential oils & botanical blends to relax, calm, and energise your body and soul. Lead free wicks, Paraffin free, and Vegan friendly.

Sensory Experiences

“Smell is a potent wizard that transports us across thousands of miles” – Helen Keller.

Fragrance is the greatest transmitter of memories. Aromatherapy can take you to a world of wonder by sending you on a sensory journey.

Aromatherapy works by releasing a wondrous natural scent using essential oils and natural aromatic botanicals. These oils have been used for thousands of years to heal and they most definitely enhance emotional wellness. The Ancient Egyptians used aromatherapy scents to cure diseases. Just by lighting an aromatherapy candle and inhaling its scent releases mental and physical stress, anxious feelings seem to naturally slip away…

For busy mums this gift set is ideal to help relax and calm the mind! 

For the stressed corporate, this set is ideal for focus and balance. Time to unwind and relax. 


Wax: Pure sustainability sourced 100% soy wax.

Fragrance: We only use pure sustainability sourced natural, essential oils & botanicals from around the globe.

The essential oils used are first press essential oils specifically sourced for their healing & therapeutic properties.

Wicks: We only use 100% pure cotton wicks which are 4 core threads twisted together to create stability, clean burning and elongate the burning time of your candle.

Many high street competitors use lead wicks which are banned in many countries because of toxin residue filtered into the air.

All our products are made in a studio in the heart of Yorkshire. Every item is lovingly handcrafted, hand finished & individually quality checked, then beautifully gift wrapped.

  • British made, all products are 100% natural
  • Premium products made in small batches to guarantee quality
  • Refreshingly paragon, synthetic, petrochemical and paraffin free
  • HJA does not support any kind of animal testing of any kind
  • Pure cotton wicks give longer, toxin free burn
  • Coldpress guarantee continued cold fragrance throw and minimal vessel residue
  • Zero tunnelling – hours of testing to ensure the was, wicks and fragrances are compatible to each candle to ensure full burn pool.

Aromatherapy mist sprays diffuse fragrance and essential oils into your home, they smell amazingly fresh but are also beneficial to your health and wellbeing; they can simply freshen the air in a room, help you to relax or sleep, energise you and even aid getting rid of a headache!

Matching luxury gift bag.